2014 – 2015 Calendar of Events

16-Jul-14 5:00-6:00pm Planning Committee Meeting Planning Committee Alston & Bird
17-Sep-14 12:00-2:00pm Delaware Investment Funds, Freedom of Contract? Freedom from Liability? — Sole Discretion Provisions, Side Letters and Other Issues in the Delaware Investment Fund Context Brock Czeschin and Greg Ladner (Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A.) Duane Morris
16-Oct-14 6:00-8:30 pm Sparkling Reception Garth Meintjes (International Senior Lawyers Project) Jones Day
19-Nov-14 12:00-2:00pm Ukraine Sanctions: Sanctions Policy Continuity and Departures Harry Clark (Orrick) Simpson Thacher
17-Dec-14 12:00-2:00pm Forging a Convention for Crimes Against Humanity Professor Leila Sadat (Washington University Law) Jones Day
21-Jan-15 12:00-2:00pm Investment Canada Act and CFIUS: Barriers to Entry or Legitimate Protections? Paul Collins (Strikeman Elliott) and John Reynolds (Davis Polk) Orrick
25-Feb-15 12:00-2:00pm China Related Cross-border Arbitration: Progress and Perspectives Wantao Yang (Zhong Lun) Chadbourne and Parke (TBC)
18-Feb-15 5:00-6:00pm Annual Board Meeting TBD
18-Mar-15 12:00-2:00pm TBC: Competion Law Topic Fiona Schaffer (Millbank) TBD
22-Apr-15 12:00-2:00pm
20-May-15 12:00-2:00pm Annual General Meeting
17-Jun-15 12:00-2:00pm
22-Jul-15 5:00-6:00pm Planning Committee Meeting