About AFLA

About AFLA: From its inception in 1925, the primary purpose of the American Foreign Law Association has been to promote the understanding and application of foreign, comparative and international law, to cooperate with other professional organizations involved in such fields and to support relevant legal research and writing. For more than eighty years, AFLA has addressed current issues of importance to those in the legal profession. With the recent globalization of business, trade and finance, an understanding of international law is more critical for more attorneys than at any other time in AFLA’s history. Many AFLA members have studied or practiced law in more than one country and many are fluent in multiple languages. AFLA members include practitioners, judges, legal scholars and legal officers of international organizations including the United Nations.

100th Year Anniversary: The American Foreign Law Association announced today that Past Presidents Ellen Yost and Paul Downs have agreed to lead a committee dedicated to memorializing the 100-year anniversary of the organization’s founding in 1925. “I am extraordinarily grateful to our past presidents Ellen and Paul for stepping up to help AFLA take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.” said Raymond Dowd, AFLA’s President. According to Dowd, AFLA plans to publish a history of AFLA and to organize a celebration of the last century’s developments in international law and cross-border practice. “This is a wonderful moment in history to celebrate the rule of law and the brave souls who improbably sought — and continue against all odds to seek — to build a peaceful world order. Now, more than ever, the world needs great diplomacy, rules of comity and mutual respect.” stated Dowd.

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